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The software you want to register is shareware. You can use it for a limited period of time (trial period) for free. If you like the software and want to use it further on after the trial period has expired please support it's development by registering. For registering, please use the form below.

The registration fee for VCS-Virtual Couder Screen is Euro 40,- (per license)
Use the Universal Currecy Converter to see how much Euro 40,- is in another currency!

Please note:
Any Registration is ...
  • bound to a single computer and permits to run the shareware on this single computer only. The computer is identified by MAC-Address(es) which is (are) converted into a Hardware Identification Number (see below). In case the MAC-Address(es) of a registered computer change, the software provider may, but is not committed to, deliver a substitutional Registration Key.
  • bound to a specific Major Version Number of the shareware. Releases with variant Major Version Numbers have to be registered separately (Major Version Numbers will only change in case of substantially new software-functionalities).

After sending your registration data you will get detailed payment informations per e-mail.

Payment is possible through
  • PayPal
  • credit cards (through PayPal; no PayPal account required)
  • cash in a registered letter

Upon receiving the payment, the software provider will send you a registration key by e-mail.

Registration Form

Important: Your data supplied here will only be used internally for registration issues. You will neither get any unwanted mails nor will your data be passed on to a third party!

How to retrieve your computer's 'Hardware Identification Number':
1. Launch the software on the computer on which this software shall be licensed (important!)
2. Goto Tab Info > Registration > Retrieve Hardware Identification Number
3. Paste the number into the corresponding field below

 Inform me by e-mail on important releases

I have taken note of the Privacy Policy and agree that my data are stored for processing my inquiry and/or for communication.
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